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Agir et penser comme un chat - 6 tips that your cat can tell you to be more happy everyday ... Your

Quand le chat dépasse les frontières... ;-)

Photo credit: Beautiful cat on a yellow background / Shutterstock

6 tips that your cat can tell you to be more happy everyday ... Your feline, your new master think?

March 30, 2017

Stéphane Garnier is the author of the book Agir et pense comme un chat, which is now published by l’Opportun: a personal development manual unlike any other, since it proposes to draw inspiration from the behavior of cats for Be happy and fulClled everyday!

The author himself has a cat, named Ziggy, which he seems to have observed much to draw from these philosophical conclusions: The man has much to learn from the cat, and the simple fact of watching these elegant animals Moving and interacting with others is a true lesson in life!

Acting and thinking like a cat, Opportunity editions, 9,90 €

1. CHAT TAKES THE TIME OF LIVING “Of all animals, only the cat reaches a contemplative life. »Andrew Lang

To see him thus posed, sitting or lying to fix the landscape, to scrutinize every detail, one can think that the cat is a huge feignasse that does nothing of the day! It is not false! ... In our human eyes! Between doing nothing and taking time to live, difference is only an appreciation ... very human. In our present system, doing nothing, being lustful, contemplating, breathing ... watching, taking time to live is now considered an almost suspicious attitude! You have to move, exploit every minute, fill it, accumulate missions, activities, do not “waste your time”! This is normality, this is the almost imposed rule of our society!

To observe this constant, almost neurotic agitation of some of my contemporaries, I can not help putting myself on the side of the cat, which seems to have fun to see us exhausted on a bike, while responding On the phone while we follow the information on the TV ... It is indeed him at this moment that takes us for soft stamps to thus exhaust us. To take the time to live is not to fill the forceps every moment of our life, with this feeling muffled out of fear of death: having to have seen everything, everything done before ...

To take the time to live is, on the other hand, to be aware of each passing moment, to take it into consideration, to appropriate it, in order to bathe better, and enjoy it even in the smallest fraction of a second ...

2. THE CAT IS CALM (MOST OF THE TIME) “The idea of calm is in a sitting cat. »René Char

Stress, this great scourge of our societies. How to fight it? How to channel it? [...]

Let’s watch the cat: most of the time, it seems stressed? In rare moments. It breathes calm and tranquility. Wisely laid, the muscles relaxed, there is no physical sign of agitation and his gaze is the reflection of no tension. What is called stress sometimes in the cat is actually a peak of vigilance. He is then on the lookout for a potential danger, an event that disrupts the calm and restful continuum of his daily life.

His ears stand up, his gaze fixed, he watches, he waits. But once the cause of his anxiety is identified, he returns to his calm and rests his head in seconds.

3. THE CHAT THINKS TO HIM BEFORE ANYTHING “The cat does not caress us, it caresses us. »Rivarol

As we have seen, for the cat, most of his life happens to cultivate his well-being above all else.

And for that, you sometimes have to know, like him, being a little selfish, and think only of oneself. This does not mean being self-belittled, narcissistic or egocentric, but allowing oneself to pass his personal well-being before that of others at times.

One can not give anything to others if one knows nothing to give oneself to oneself. Whether physically or psychologically, before anything else, take care of yourself is the key to your happiness that depends on it.

4. THE CAT IS SAYING NO (AND DOES NOT GO!) “I like cats, they think and they keep it for themselves. »Jean-Marie Gourio

Cats hate to be told what to do. Obey an order? Very little for them! “For that, take a dog! “They think! Stuck to the very end of the claws, you will only take an action at a few moments after a given order. But as humans, do we like orders? Of course not !

And yet we endure them all day long at our work, as at home ... Not to mention all the indirect orders, represented by all our codes of society that we “must” follow to the letter! Learning to say “no” is what we can take as an example on the cat! Stop continuously to meet the needs of others, to follow instructions that do not correspond to us, until we end up living only in a form of submission to always say “yes”, when we wanted to say “no” .

Whether it is for a small service, become a habit that you can not get rid of afterwards, whether it is for an overload of work outside your mission, which ends up becoming a gain with the superiors and colleagues in the Without getting the financial compensation that goes with ... No!

5. THE CAT IS KNOWN, IT IS PROUD “There is no ordinary cat. »Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

Are you proud of what you are? What are you doing? The image you have of yourself in what you do, in what you are, is just as important as your self-confidence. [...]

What about the cat in this self-esteem, in that pride of what it is, what it does? Obviously, it is an achievement we can only inspire, so proud to be a cat, with all the advantages that this represents! He is unique, he knows, without needing to do more to convince himself or to have to demonstrate it to the audience. He has confidence in him, and a high esteem for what he is.

What does he need to prove? And to whom? It is ! A reason sufficient and necessary to be able to strut with pride, to be a cat, simply.

6. THE CAT IS HERMETIC TO JUDGMENT “Cats know very well who loves them and who does not like them, but care too little to remedy them. »Winifred Carriere

An observation that has often amused me: cats mock wildly whether or not to be appreciated, whether it is other cats, or men.

Their independent, solitary character, and attaching themselves with choice and discernment to certain beings, be they animals or humans, urges them to sit naturally and with great pleasure on this famous “gaze of others” We, men, sometimes attach an uncommon importance. [...]

To appear cool, to appear young, to appear rich, to appear intelligent, to appear tolerant, to appear fun, to seem open-minded, to appear, to appear, to appear ... The leitmotiv of the last decades which rages from fashion to fashion, ... We are too often subjected to this social dictatorship of what it is necessary to “appear” or “to have”, when the cat does

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